Hailing from Appalachia – having grown up nestled in the Shenandoah Mountains in Virginia – Corrie Lynn Green is gently whittling her way into the Americana music scene with real folk music that’s rustic, a little bit creaky, and absolutely authentically raw. She creates songs that immediately remind you of a haunting melody from long ago, windblown and turning up on your front porch on a breeze originating after traveling from far across the mountains.” - Elise Cady

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Corrie Lynn Green


Corrie Lynn Green is an Appalachian Folk Singer from the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. 

Creating a new spin on folk/americana/appalachia genre, self taught singer/songwriter Corrie Lynn Greeen writes and reflects the secrets and stories of life in a small holler town drawing from her deep roots in rural Appalachia. She also walks down a path of self discovery through personal heartbreak, rebellion, hardship, joy and acceptance with her music.

Corrie has been writing stories about her life growing up in rural Appalachia since she was in her teens, challenging the ideas instilled by her evangelical upbringing, and education status and bringing authenticity and grit to the stage as if her life depended on it.

At some point in her young adult life during a walkabout, she found a broken handmade clawhammer banjo and slowly taught herself to play.

After walking down a path of personal healing, Corrie Lynn became serious about writing, playing and singing with what has become known as her very engaging, signature voice.

During the pandemic, Corrie’s unique musical style was brought to the attention of producer and recording engineer D.W. Fearn by a mutual acquaintance. Under the direction of Fearn, she released “Blow Away”, her debut album in May of 2022, then went on to win third place in the acclaimed Stephan George SongWriter’s competition in Tuscon, Arizona for 2022 and has since been recognized in other national songwriting competitions. 

 At this time she continues to ride the waves of this very fast moving musical current. After listening to Corrie Lynn Green's vocals and lyrics, you will find they cut through time and render genre obsolete.

With her next album on the horizon, Corrie Lynn Green hopes to take you on a storyteller’s journey through the stages of a life lived the mountain way.

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